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Entrepreneurship Risk Insurance

Entrepreneurship Risk Insurance

Nearly all microeconomic textbooks state that all relations between business partners must be based on mutual understanding and trust, and be mutually profitable. If this was the case in real life, there would hardly be any disputes between business partners and the number of companies going bankrupt would be lower. Unfortunately, failure to deliver goods, to complete works, to pay for the provided goods or services, and other violations of contractual obligations on the part of partners do happen in the activity of any entrepreneur.


We are not able to ensure that you will always find reliable partners, but we can reliably protect your business from any financial consequences incurred due to various problems experienced by your business partners (including any unfair actions on their part). Take advantage of our service of financial risk insurance. It is an excellent protection for your business!


We also offer a special product for commercial banks and other credit and financial organizations - the borrowers' accident and sickness insurance. By using this service, we ensure that all obligations to credit agreements will be fulfilled in due time and full extent despite any impairment of health or even death of the borrower as a result of an accident or an illness.  

Financial Risk Insurance Financial Risk Insurance

You can insure  Your pecuniary interests with regard to the risk of incurring losses as a result of your contractor's failure to fulfil or properly fulfil the obligations under the relevant transactions of purchase and sale, exchange, lease, completion of works and service provision for a certain fee. Risks insured Failure by you contractor to fulfil his contractual obligations which may manifest itself in the following: - failure to deliver goods, to deliver goods to the full extent, failure…


Voluntary Borrowers' Accident and Sickness Insurance Voluntary Borrowers' Accident and Sickness Insurance

You can insure Monetary interests of a beneficiary related to an infliction of harm to a borrower's life or health as a result of an illness or an accident. Who can become a beneficiary: - In the amount of indebtedness under a credit - a loan provider, i.e. a bank or another credit and financial organization;- in the amount of the difference between a sum of insurance and a sum of indebtedness under a credit - an insured individual person, and in case of his death - legitimate heirs. What can…


Construction All Risks Insurance Construction All Risks Insurance

You can insure The property interests related to the loss or damage to property, which is the subject or a means of handling construction and assembly works: - construction and assembly projects,- temporary works,- construction technology, as well as property interests related to the cost of rearrangement of the place of insurance after the insurance event. In addition, the property used in construction and assembly works, can be insured as well: - construction technology, erecting equipment…


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