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Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Any type of activity implies certain risks, regardless of whether you work in the production, commerce, cargo transportation, or other sectors. Events such as thefts, fire, emergencies or natural disasters may interfere with the profitable development of your business and change your future plans.


Companies' property insurance can ensure your financial security. In order that no unforeseen event will interfere with the success of your business, we offer our services of property insurance and cargo insurance.

Legal Entities’ Property Insurance Legal Entities’ Property Insurance

You can insure - buildings, structures; - transmission devices; - mobile and stationary machinery and equipment; - production and goods reserves, ready-made products, goods, production in progress; - sites of major construction works in progress; - other types of main components (parts thereof). Risks insured - fire, lightning, explosion, falling of a piloted airborne vehicle, parts or cargo thereof; - natural disasters; - water supply and/or heating system emergencies; - machinery and equipment…


Cargo Insurance Cargo Insurance

You can insure The transported cargo during the period of transportation thereof by any type of transport: transportation by road, air, water, railway, combined transportation.  Risks insured All types of risks that might lead to damage or complete loss of the entire cargo or a part thereof.  Main insurance conditions An insurance contract may be concluded both for the term of a single instance of cargo transportation and for transportation of different lots of similar cargo during a certain term…


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