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Travel Medical Insurance


Please contact a representative of our company abroad as soon as possible by calling one of the telephone numbers indicated in your insurance policy or contact our company and provide the following information:

  • name, surname and contact information;
  • number and details of your insurance policy;
  • the reason for contacting and the type of help that is needed.

In case of emergency or impossibility to contact our representative or our company prior to consulting a physician or prior to hospitalisation, please do so as soon as you are able to.

When contacting our company please provide all available documents about the insured event, including the originals of the following documents:

  • documents proving the fact of asking for medical aid, the diagnosis and the total payable amount;
  • prescriptions for purchase of medication issued by the attending physician as a result of the illness or accident;
  • documents proving the fact of payment for treatment, medication and any other service;
  • documents proving the costs of transportation of the patient and medical conclusions with an indication of the need for such transportation;
  • bills for telecommunications services;
  • other documents, which you may receive abroad in connection with the illness or accident.

In case of death, for the purposes of compensation of the costs of repatriation of the insured person, please provide the certificate of death of the insured person (or a verified copy of this certificate) and the original documents proving the costs of transportation of the body to the person's country of residence (in cases where transportation is organised by a representative other than our representative or by other companies).

Please provide ERGO with all available documents in connection with the insured event within one month after returning from the trip together with a free form application and the insurance policy.

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