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General Third Party Liability Insurance


Should the insurance event occur, we would like to ask you:

  • to assume rational and accessible measures to reduce potential damage,
  • to inform our company of the claim for compensation laid by the complainant as soon as possible (not later than within three working days),
  • to prepare an insurable event statement in any form,
  • to apply to the appropriate authorities (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Control, authorities exercising technological and other supervision over the activities, etc.) on this occasion as well as inform us of commencement of actions by the appropriate authorities, including the judiciary ones, upon infliction of harm, and of their decisions,
  • to enable our employees to verify the circumstances, character and extent of damages, thereof providing the necessary information and documentation. In the case of damage to the property - to allow inspection of the damaged property or its remnants (or, should it be impossible to provide them, to submit the property loss or damage documents issued by the appropriate authorities),
  • in order to reimburse for legal expenses, to coordinate in writing with our company the necessity of taking the case to the court to examine disputes with complainants, related to substantiating the circumstances, character and extent of damages,
  • do not indemnify, admit claims or assume any direct or indirect obligations concerning settlement of claims laid by complainants without informing our company.


Also, in order to receive the insurance benefit, please submit the following documents:

  • written insurance claim, insurance contract (insurance policy),
  • claim for compensation (actions, complaints) made against you or the person responsible in connection with the event,
  • should an independent examination be conducted with relation to the event viewed the insurance event, conclusions drawn by the expert commission,
  • should the insurance event be settled without legal proceedings, documents supporting the fact, circumstances and extent of harm caused as well as documents allowing to establish your responsibilities and liabilities or responsibilities and liabilities of the person responsible, more specifically:

- in case of damage to the complainant's property - documents allowing to determine the actual value of lost (damaged) property as of the date of the insurance event; acts of expert examination (assessment) of the damaged property; documents supporting the cost of reclamation works (budgeting/cost estimating of reclamation works and/or certificates of completion, original invoices for spare parts, components, materials, and works, or other documents supporting the amount of expenditure of the property reconstruction),

- in case of harm to the life or health of the complainant - documents issued by medical institutions and other appropriate organizations, supporting the fact of physical trespass to the complainant, as well as documents supporting the size of expenses incurred, and other documents required by the law to calculate the extent of damages;

- in the case of damage to the environment - documents establishing the amount of expenditures connected with liquidation of the harm caused, issued by the appropriate authorities;

  • should the insurance event be settled through judicial procedures - decision (verdict) of court, amicable agreement approved by the court and containing the amounts refundable in relation with the injurious actions, refundable under the insurance contract,
  • should the insurance contract concern the legal expenses - documents supporting the amount of legal expenses,
  • documents supporting the expenditure for the purpose of reducing of the damages (if any).
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