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ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company is a trustworthy, modern, innovative, and dynamic insurance company known on the Belarusian insurance market due to its financial stability and high-quality client-oriented insurance services.

ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company is the assignee of BASO Joint Stock Insurance Company registered with the Republic of Belarus State Insurance Control Agency on December 10, 1993.

ERGO Insurance Company is part of the ERGO Insurance Group, which is one of the leading insurers on the direct insurance market in Europe.

61.5 % of ERGO JSC has been controlled by two Baltic insurers - ERGO Kindlustus (Estonia) and ERGO Lietuva (Lithuania) - and ERGO International AG (Germany).

ERGO's equity amounted to approximately € 3.9 billion, while investments exceeded € 113 billion. Standard&Poor's awarded ERGO Insurance Group financial stability and credit rating A, with a forecast of "Stable".




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